Test prints two, three and four


My second print was an all-in-one printer test.

There were a couple of issues… the overhang tests were a bit janky, and there were some threads of filament from the tall posts (there’s probably a technical term for this). I also noticed that the longest parts of the bridging test had some sagging in the middle. All of the other sections looked good to my (admittedly untrained) eye.

test print 2
All-in-one printer test

Print number three was a combo case for AirPods and a Tile tracker. It looked good when it finished, but the opening for the AirPods was slightly too small. I tried to force it and the case cracked. It looks like the case would have been the right size if the filament were thinner, so maybe there are some settings in the FlashPrint software to adjust for that.

3D printed case for AirPods and Tile tracker
AirPods case and Tile tracker

Our daughter loves playing with her Duplo set, so I tried printing a 2x4 Duplo-compatible brick. It was going to take four hours, so I started the printer and left to have dinner. When I came back to check on it, the extruder was an inch or so off the build plate, but no filament was coming out. I’ll need to do some troubleshooting before trying again.