Sporadic notes, Q1 2021


I’ve seen a handful of folks publish #weeknotes about the things they have accomplished, worked on or thought about each week. I like the idea of documenting that kind of stuff from time to time so here’s a quarterly note.

I’ve updated the CSS and markup for this site. The biggest change is that I dropped TypeKit in favor of using fonts that are included with most operating systems.

The biggest benefit is speed—browsers no longer have to request the fonts from another host and then render them. The load time is half of what it was.

The downside is that using system, or default, font families feels boring.

I’ve also created a coffee tracker. I’ve been tweeting each time I pour a new bag of beans into the grinder and now I have that function on my own site.

An example coffee tweet

Here’s my to-do list for the near future:

Other stuff

I used Fusion 360 to design a custom object to print on my 3D printer. I’d never used Fusion 360 before, so I spent some time with YouTube to learn the basics. It took a few iterations to get the design right, but I eventually got it and will share the results soon.

And my brother and I have been making small improvements in our lives and documenting them once a week.