Busy box, mk2


My second project for my daughter, based on Adafruit’s NeoTrellis Sound Board project.

Assembled box

I modeled the enclosure using features from Adafruit’s “Layer by Layer” tutorial series. It has a couple of snap-fit protrusions and a thin frame for holding the Trellis, which lacks its own mounting holes.

Exploded view of box assembly

The length of the box barely fit my printer bed and the M4 board’s “teeth” overlap slightly with the Trellis’ mounting frame.

The snap-fit wasn’t secure so I added a couple pieces of Scotch tape to help hold the lid on, but they were no match for the kiddo. After discovering that there were neat wires inside, she unplugged the leads for the power button and removed the button from the enclosure. I have yet to replace the button.


Code and links

Fritzing diagram

Fusion 360 model

STL file